Ready to Sell? Remember, selling a house is like being in a beauty pageant and a price war at the same time. Here’s the hard part: letting go of your emotions about your home (you know…. all the treasured memories there) and trusting that your Agent knows how to help you navigate through the top 3 “biggees” to do to sell your house. Of course, there are many steps but there are really just three concepts to grasp and you’re on your way!

1. It’s a BEAUTY PAGEANT! Is your house in the running to be crowned the winner out of all the houses in your area? I can’t tell you how often I’ve escorted buyers through a dirty house or a house where the carpet is trashed, walls are marked up, and it generally stinks. Yep…I said it. Some houses stink and the buyers just turn around and walk right out the front door. They wonder if you’ve maintained the home well and how much money they have to sink into the systems because they weren’t maintained. Consider having a cleaning service come in and clean from top to bottom including the windows. How about painting to make it pop? We always recommend a consultation with our stager to target your resources where it really matters most – getting an offer that’s good and quick!

2. Make sure THE PRICE IS RIGHT! If you price it too high, buyers will simply not look at it. There are many resources online to help establish value (some not so accurate) and buyers are doing their research! They’ll know if you price it too high! But, if you price it too low, you’ll feel like you’re giving it away! Pricing a house takes experience, knowledge, and a thorough understanding of market values. What upgrades does one house have that another doesn’t? How does it sit on the lot? Does it have a basement? One size doesn’t fit all and it takes an experienced agent who really knows their market to drill down and price your house right. Not an agent with just a few transactions under their belt.. It shouldn’t be a game show that you play wondering what’s behind Door #3. The right price = the right deal.

3. HIRE THE RIGHT AGENT! Everyone knows someone in real estate! Before I was an Agent (many moons ago), my husband and I wanted to support our very dear friend who had just received her real estate license. Big mistake! Big, HUGE as Julia Roberts said in the famous movie. It’s great to be nice to your family and friends, but if things go poorly there may never be a way to repair the damage to your relationship. An exceptional agent will have an excellent database of folks to market your listing to through e-blasts, print advertising, syndicated websites, etc. We hire only the best to help market your house. Our professional photographer is amazing and puts a beautiful tour together for all of our listings. Our stager knows exactly how to set your house décor just perfectly so it shows in its best light. Those few things can set your listing apart by miles! We have an entire marketing team working on your house! Why? Because the right condition, the right price, and the right agent means SUCCESS!