So, the sign went up in the yard after interviewing several agents and deciding on “the one” that was going to catapult us into the next phase of our life journey. We were excited about moving and were confident in our choice of agents. So, what went wrong? I remember it as if it were yesterday. As I rounded the corner coming home from work, there was the For Sale sign in all its glory! I should’ve jumped up and down with delight that all of our hard work would pay off with the sale of the house. But, alas no! I sobbed…..for 10 minutes……alone, in my driveway! I know…I’m such a girl.

Ah, but the joy of selling your home! I truly was excited about our move but let’s face it. We often have love affairs with our homes and we treasure the memories made there. The kids are brought home from the hospital to the nursery you lovingly painted and now someone else is going to paint it and put a craft room in! Truthfully though, it’s usually the women who cry. The men are usually ready to get it over with after all the time and money they spent in getting it ready! It’s sometimes hard to separate from the emotions and kick into business mode. That’s what an exceptional Listing Agent helps you to do.

How does a seller be objective about their treasured home? Outsiders will walk through your home and critique every nook and cranny. The feedback can be harsh at times. Keep your eyes on the prize, that’s how! You’re moving onto the next exciting thing in your life! Sometimes it helps a seller to start depersonalizing the home and think of it as a house they’re staying in until they can move. It might help to take your photos down and replace them with pretty pictures. Remove the cute decals in the kids’ rooms and paint the walls a neutral color. It’s purely psychological but it really does help to minimize the emotional loss to you and at the same time make it appealing to the next buyer.

How did it go with my house that I was so in love with when the For Sale sign went up? It sold in 20 days and the buyer needed to take possession in just 3 weeks! Yikes! There is nothing like a whirlwind contract to whip your emotions into shape, pronto! So, call me to get started. I’ll gently (I promise!) tell you what to do to get your “home” ready to be a “house” for sale! To read my article; Top Tips to Selling Your Home, click here. Happy House Selling